Reasons Lagos Will Remain King And What Other States Should Do To Dethrone It

I was opportune to do my National Youth Service Corp in Lagos precisely in one of the highbrow areas in Lagos. Then, my conversation or chat with most people goes like this…

“Where are you serving?”

“Lagos” I reply.

“Lucky you, So many opportunities for you.”

“If only other states are developed and offer many career/business opportunities just like Lagos, you would know that there is nothing really ‘lucky’ about working in Lagos.” I tell them.

From my observation and experience, here are the reasons Lagos will remain KING of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT:


  1. Limitless Career and Business opportunities

Have you ever thought of why Mark Zuckerberg visited Lagos to promote technology instead of promoting it in Sokoto; or why Lagos always have the highest number of Youth Corp members yearly? It is because there are less hindrances and more potential opportunities to thrive in the Lagos environment. Lagos is a city where people are given the opportunity and freedom to thrive and develop with little or no political or tribal obstacle.


  1. Minimal Tribal/Indigene interference:

I hardly hear of tribal clash or community interference in one’s business area of operation in Lagos.


  1. Freedom to thrive as a non-indigene:

Lagos is known as ‘No man’s land’. No discrimination! Everyone who can make valuable contribution to the Lagos economy is highly welcomed and appreciated! Just be a good citizen and pay your tax!


  1. Government with futuristic vision

I need not say much. Just Google “Best State Governments in Nigeria” and see if Lagos isn’t among the top! Personally, I am very impressed with the way the Lagos State Response Unit rapidly attend to emergency situations all anywhere in the state.

Any state that wants to dethrone Lagos as KING of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT should do the following:

  1. STOP all forms of tribal discrimination as well as political and community interference in one’s business area of operation.
  2. Give non-indigenes same equal opportunity as indigenes.
  3. The Government should attract investor with favourable and juicy conditions
  4. Elect people who are competent leaders and are capable of pushing for economic growth and development all over the state.
  5. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, make conscious effort to contribute to the economic development of your state by opening a business site in your state, if possible, make your state the headquarters of your business.


The beautiful thing about dethroning Lagos is that, Lagos will become depopulated because same opportunities in Lagos will become present in other states


Develop Naija commends Innoson Motor Boss – Innocent Chukwuma and  popular Nollywood actor – Jim Iyke for overlooking the opportunities in Lagos to set up their businesses in the South-East which has and will continue to create several career/ business opportunities for residents in the region.

To all those who have decided to focus on economically improving other states and create job opportunities for residents by setting up their businesses there, Develop Naija deeply appreciates your work.


Government and indigenes of various states should make conscious effort to help Nigeria achieve Sustainable Development Goal 8, Goal 9, and Goal 11.



What is/are your contribution(s) towards Sustainable Development (Goals) in Nigeria? We would love to publish your good works for free. Comment below or send an email to – contribution@developnaija.com


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