WID-Africa Opens Library for Displaced Children in Abuja

WholeLife Initiative for Development in Africa (WID-Africa), a youth-led Non-Governmental Organization aimed at promoting Quality Education in Nigeria, has made a giant move by opening a library for displaced children in Abuja.

This library is located at Camp David, the permanent resident of the ‘School without Walls’ (An initiative by Life Builders Initiative involved with providing free formal education for displaced/disadvantaged children in Abuja).


Opening of Library


Aside from opening a library for underprivileged children, WID-Africa has undertaken various projects geared toward the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4 and other Development Goals. These projects are:

  • The Empowerment Through Education Project

This project involves revamping libraries in schools and communities in the rural and suburban parts of FCT-Abuja. Soonest, this project will be extended to other parts of Nigeria.

This project which has been designed to run for 5 (five) years, is a response to the high level of illiteracy in these areas and also the lack of access to quality educational materials by disadvantaged/displaced children.

So far, this project has benefitted two schools in two communities serving over 3000 (three thousand) children from about 500 families. A donation of 1,315 (one thousand, three hundred and fifteen) books have also been made to these libraries.

“I am impressed at this initiative. It has renewed the old-time educational institution we are used to. Children can now have time to come to the library and read a book a day. This will help children understand how important reading is” –  Mrs Amarachi Nwanguma (Presenter, Voice of Nigeria)

“I am so excited and grateful to WholeLife Initiative for Development in Africa for furnishing/revamping my school library. WID-AFRICA has publicised my school. Many thanks” – Mr Peter Olatunbosun (Principal, Calvary Love Academy).






  • World Savings Day:

A day set aside in the month of October to organise an interactive education/sensitization session for children and youths on financial planning, investment and the importance of imbibing the savings culture from childhood.




  • The WID-Africa Money Club:

WID-Africa is involved in creating money clubs in secondary schools basically to enlighten students on financial literacy through fun games like monopoly and puzzles. The club also equips students with soft skills such as communication, teamwork, organisational skills etc.





  • Sexual Abuse Enlightenment:

WID-Africa also creates awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights to primary and secondary school children. This is aimed at confronting societal stereotypes and discrimination on matters like early puberty, menstruation as well as speaking out against sexual abuse.



  • Vocational Skills Training:

By 2019, WID-Africa tends to organise a vocational skills training session to equip youths resident in the suburban areas of FCT-Abuja. The aim of this project is to reduce unemployment by equipping the youths with skills that will make them financially independent thereby contributing to economic growth and development.


Aside from contributing immeasurably to SDG4 – Quality Education,  Develop Naija commends WID-Africa for their contribution to SDG1 – No Poverty; SDG2 – Good Health and Well-being; SDG5 – Gender Equality; SDG8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth; and SDG17 – Partnership for the Goals.


For partnership and collaboration, kindly reach out to WID-Africa via the following:

Email: wholelifeid@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WLinitiative

Twitter: www.twitter.com/wholelife_ID

Instagram: www.instagram.com/wholelifeinitiative

Mobile Numbers: +2348140859269; +2347064590536


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Acalypha Initiative Sponsors Destitute Children in Benue State

The Acalypha Initiative has ensured to sponsor destitute children who lack good health and education in Buruku area of Benue State.

As part of their contribution to SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being and SDG 4 – Quality Education in Nigeria, Acalypha Initiative has embarked on various campaigns such as:

  • Sponsor-A-Child Campaign: The sponsorship of 8 vulnerable children back to school.


  • Oral Health Campaign: A partnership with Fun Living Foundation in the education of Oral Health and distribution of toothpaste and toothbrushes.




  • Menstrual Hygiene Campaign: A partnership with Empire foundation in the distribution of menstrual pads to students.

  • Kit-Up-A-Child Campaign: The provision of School Uniforms and Educational materials to over 250 students.





The Acalypha Initiative aims to see a society where all children regardless of their background or challenges have access to quality education. The Initiative hopes to extend this gesture to other areas of Nigeria.

Develop Naija appreciates Acalypha Initiative for their effort in the contribution of Sustainable Development in Nigeria.

For sponsorship and partnership, kindly reach out to Acalypha Initiative via the following:

Instagram: @acalyphainitiative

Twitter: @Acalypha_Ini

Facebook: Acalypha_Initiative

Phone Numbers: +2348147258808; +2348152979124


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Social Impact Africa Vows to Educate Underprivileged Children all over Nigeria

Social Impact Africa (SIA) is a  non-profit organization that aims at providing quality education and growth opportunities for underprivileged children and youths all over Nigeria.

At the moment, Social Impact Africa currently focuses on educating, empowering and engaging disadvantaged children and youths with digital, technical, vocational and 21st-century life skills in Ibadan, Oyo state.

Through her flagship program known as Redefining African Child Education (RACE) Initiative, Social Impact Africa has provided access to quality education and growth opportunities through fostering educational resource mobilization, life skills development and excellent academic performance needed to spur transformative leadership among disadvantaged children within the ages of 5-16 years.




With the right collaboration, Social Impact Africa plans to build 774 digital civic innovation spaces within Nigeria’s 774 local government areas that will host the following for disadvantaged children in Nigeria:

• Enterprise Challenges
• Summer Innovation Boot-Camp
• Capacity-Building Workshop
• Academic Supports
• Digital Skills Training
• Vocational/Technical Training
• Idea Hackathon,
• Thought Leadership Conference
• Use of Mobile And Web-Based Application to teach practical Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts And Mathematics) Educational Skills.

Social Impact Africa claims to have over four(4) years of proven history of increasing the participation of the youth in civic leadership, entrepreneurship and 21st-century skills among disadvantaged children and youths within Ibadan Oyo State.

For the records, Social Impact Africa has empowered more than 3,500 secondary school students and youths in preparing them for leadership, employment, and entrepreneurship; through mentorship, conference, capacity-building workshops, innovation boot-camp, educational resource mobilization and academic support.

In 2016, Social Impact Africa partnered with MTN Foundation Nigeria in “What Can We Do Together” Initiative in the mobilization of 210 units school furniture and donation of 100 units academic textbook for Apete Ayegun Community School, Ibadan, Nigeria, resulting into excellent academic, career and leadership pursuit.


Items Donated By MTN



Develop Naija commends the effort of Social Impact Africa for passionately contributing to Goal 4 – Quality Education and Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth in Nigeria.




For partnership, kindly reach out to Social Impact Africa via the following:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/socialimpactafrica

Whatsapp: +2348160686295

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Apply Now For The ‘Community Engagement For Positive Impact’ Course

  • Do you want to make a positive impact in Nigeria?
  • Are you interested in contributing to the achievements of Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria?
  • Do you desire to be equipped with the skills and knowledge of Community Development?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, then, apply now for the “Community Engagement For Positive Impact” course organised by Springs Health Initiative.

This course aims at equipping youths with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Identify community challenges;

  • Proffer and design Solutions

  • Harness resources to improve the quality of life in our societies as well as contribute to National Development.

Applications began on 24th September and will end 20th October, 2018. This course is totally FREE and participants will be awarded a certificate at the end of the course.

The venue for the course training is in Ilorin, Kwara state. The course is scheduled to hold every Saturday in November, 2018 (3 hours per Saturday). Details of the exact venue and time will be sent to successful applicants after the deadline of registration.

Apply here for FREE. Application ends on 20th October, 2018.

This capacity building course is available as a result of the efforts made by Springs Health Initiative to develop Nigeria youths for National relevance and development.

Develop Naija commends Springs Health Initiative for their relentless effort in contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 17 in Nigeria.


Do not forget to apply for the course here. Application will close on 20th October, 2018. Course is totally FREE.

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Impressive! Springs Health Initiative Develops Toolkit To Beat Plastic Pollution

To create a sustainable environment, Spring Health Initiative has developed a ‘Beat Plastic Pollution Action’ toolkit to help combat plastic pollution in Nigeria.

Spring Health Initiative believes that a safe and sustainable environment is a basic need for well-being and economic growth. One of the key challenges of sanitation in Nigeria today is that of plastic pollution. Our dependence on plastic materials over the decades have left our environment and marine bodies with damages that are heavy to repair.

The kit shows what each person and stakeholder in the society can do to beat plastic pollution disease and prevent further waste build up while efforts are made to mop-up the excess in circulation. One of the challenges that our environment faces today is plastic pollution and that is why the action toolkit was designed. Click to download the Beat Plastic Pollution Toolkit for free.

The benefits of getting the toolkit are:

  1. It contains a Plastic Calculator Template that users can use to track their plastic consumption rate.
  2. It shows how individuals and organisations can reduce plastic dependence and pollution.
  3. It can be used to organize sensitization and advocacy sessions on plastic pollution.
  4. To inform Nigerians about the cost of plastic waste and how to fight it.
  5. It is user friendly and easy to understand.

The importance of beating Plastic Pollution are but not limited to:

  1. Prevention of building greenhouse gases from plastic fragmentation.
  2. Prevention of clogging of drainage and breeding of disease vectors from illegal dumps.
  3. Reduction in the cost of waste management from mopping excess plastic wastes.
  4. Prevention of  pollution of land with micro-plastics.
  5. In food industries, a reduction in plastic packaging helps reduce the chances of leaching toxic chemicals into food, thereby reducing the chances of health complication that may arise from such.

To beat plastic pollution, Government need to put in place laws and policy that minimizes and avoids the use of plastics where possible. Also, manufacturers and designers need to rethink and make plastic products with a circular life cycle that supports use and reuse, and also use alternative materials that can decompose where possible instead of plastics.

The aim of Spring Health Initiative is to improve the quality of life in Nigeria by contributing to three key areas which are:

  1. Health and Life expectancy
  2. Education
  3. Capacity development for socioeconomic development.

Spring Health Initiative also founded The Clean and Green Initiative Program which aims at providing clean water and access to improved sanitation in local communities.

Develop Naija immensely thanks Spring Health Initiative for her valuable contribution towards SDG3, SDG4, SDG6 and SDG12


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Click to download the Beat Plastic Pollution Toolkit for free.


Project Assured Nigeria Trains Underprivileged Nigerians On I.C.T And Other Skills

21 years old Dolapo Akanni, has begun a movement – PROJECT ASSURED NIGERIA. This project trains young people who lack the resources to acquire adequate information and expertise, in the area of phone and computer technology as well as other profitable crafts.

Project Assured Nigeria which started in July 2017 hopes to successfully empower underprivileged young Nigerians with  I.C.T skills (Information and Communication Technology) and other crafts by July 2036. This project aims at:

  • Eradicating ignorance and poverty in Nigeria.
  • Creating awareness of technological advancement.
  • Create a source of income to youths in local communities.
  • Providing a platform for young students to manifest their potentials in Phone and Computer Technology.
  • Giving out start-up kits to beneficiaries that emerge exceptional at the end of each outreach.
  • Following up the successful impact of this platform in the lives of these students and the preceding environment.
  • Impacting lives by stating out the importance of being a part of global growth.


Some beneficiaries pose with their Certificate of Training

Basic I.C.T Training

Catering Training


“Technology has a way of improving general education technique and some of the many reasons why it is not made available to these young children are: Cost, Ease-to-use and Compatibility. These excuses sometimes are tailored down to the lack of availability of education on technology, information technology and innovation.  These children don’t usually have access to basic knowledge to these vital information which on the long term basis will affect the rate of development of the country. ” – Dolapo Akanni

Asides empowering young people with the right set of skills, Project Assured Nigeria is also involved in:

  • PLUMP THE NAIRA CAMPAIGN: An online campaign partnership geared at discussing the issue of the weak naira and also seek adequate solutions to plump the naira.
  • SPORTS AGAINST DRUGS: A partnership movement against Drug Abuse that enlightens young Nigerians on the dangers of Drug Abuse.

During a Drug Abuse Sensitization



Develop Naija appreciates Project Assured Nigeria for her valuable contribution towards Goal 1, Goal 4 and Goal 8.



What is/are your contribution(s) towards Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria? We would like to publish your good works for free.

What is/are your contribution(s) towards Sustainable Development (Goals) in Nigeria? We would love to publish your good works for free. Comment below or send an email to – contribution@developnaija.com



Impressive! RCCG Opens Kitchen To Feed Poor Nigerians For Free

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (City of David Parish) has started a ‘Food’ initiative by opening a kitchen in Lagos to feed poor Nigerians.

This initiative is very commendable especially in this era of increased rate of hunger in Nigeria.




Develop Naija commends Redeemed Christian Church of God  for their valuable contribution towards SDG 2 – Zero Hunger in Nigeria.

The Targets for SDG 2: No Hunger  is –  End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. This goal is about making sure that everyone can enjoy a safe, nutritious diet, all year round.

By 2030, the aim is to:

  • End hunger and ensure access by all people, in particular the poor and people in vulnerable situations including infants, to safe, nutritious and sufficient food all year round
  • End all forms of malnutrition, including achieving by 2025 the internationally agreed targets on stunting and wasting in children under five years of age, and address the nutritional needs of adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women, and older persons
  • Double the agricultural productivity and the incomes of small-scale food producers, particularly women, indigenous peoples, family farmers, pastoralists and fishers, including through secure and equal access to land, other productive resources and inputs, knowledge, financial services, markets, and opportunities for value addition and non-farm employment
  • Ensure sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that increase productivity and production, that help maintain ecosystems, that strengthen capacity for adaptation to climate change, extreme weather, drought, flooding and other disasters, and that progressively improve land and soil quality

Source – citiscope.org


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David Oyedepo Offers Scholarships To Study In Covenant And Landmark

The Senior pastor of Living Faith Church, David Oyedepo  has once again demonstrated his zeal to improve quality education in Nigeria by offering full scholarships to study in Covenant and Landmark universities.

This scholarship which is awarded via the David Oyedepo Foundation is a very commendable act, especially in this era where African Pastors are heavily criticised for their actions.

Check here for eligibility and more information about the scholarship. To begin application, click here.

Develop Naija commends David Oyedepo for awarding scholarships to study in prestigious universities in Nigeria.  This act is a valuable contribution to Quality Education (Sustainable Development Goal 4) in Nigeria and beyond.  Oyedepo, you truly deserve an accolade!



“I believe education is the key to unlocking the destiny of Africa. A major investment in the education of our people would go a long way in improving the economic situation of many African Nations.” – David Oyedepo

“The importance of education cannot be neglected by any nation. And in today’s world, the role of education has become even more vital. It is an absolute necessity for economic and social development of any nation.”  Manu Goel

View another way David Oyedepo has contributed to Sustainable Development in Nigeria.

What is/are your contribution(s) towards Sustainable Development (Goals) in Nigeria? We would like to publish your good works for free. Comment below or send an email to – contribution@developnaija.com



FlowPad Initiative Begins ‘Menstrual Hygiene and Personal Development’ Outreach For Rural Girls

FlowPad Initiative, a social enterprise, has set out to enlighten underprivileged and disabled young girls in the rural areas of Plateau – Nigeria; about Menstruation, Menstrual Hygiene as well as equipping them on Personal Development matters needed for the empowerment of the girl child.

Since its inception on July 9th, 2017, FlowPad Initiative has visited 8 schools in rural areas of Plateau and has distributed over ten thousand sanitary pads to young girls in the area.

FlowPad Initiative’s long-term aims and objectives are:

  • To enlighten underprivileged girls in rural areas of Plateau about menstrual hygiene
  • To distribute menstrual products for free to underprivileged girls
  • To conduct free medical examination on female health issues
  • To train and empower the girl child in entrepreneurial skills for self-reliance and personal development
  • To begin the production of quality but affordable sanitary products in Nigeria











A beneficiary has expressed her gratitude to FlowPad Initiative for being considerate in reaching out to girls in rural areas. In her words “Inadequate care and comprehensive knowledge on how to deal with my period has been an obstacle to my sexual and reproductive health. This made me suffer a lot, I was voiceless, I had no dignity, I was humiliated and sad; and in all these, I didn’t know whom to confide in until I met FlowPad Initiative.”

Sanitary Pads are gradually becoming a luxury due to their exorbitant prices despite the fact that it is a basic need for every female who menstruates. Develop Naija commends the efforts of FlowPad Initiative for bringing relief to Underprivileged and Disabled Girls in the rural areas of Plateau State.

For your charity donations, support and contributions towards the FlowPad Intitiative Movement, kindly contact +2348067609138. You can follow them on Instagram – @flowpad4girls.

Thank you, FlowPad Initiative for your sustainable contribution to the targets of SDG 1, SDG 3, SDG 4, SDG 5, SDG 6, SDG 17.




What is your contribution towards Sustainable Development Goals in  Nigeria? We would like to hear from you. Don’t forget to connect with us on our social media pages using the links on the home page. You can also reach us via email – contribution@developnaija.com



16 interesting things to do at work as your contribution to SDG in Nigeria

In our previous posts, we revealed the simple things one can do within and outside the home  as a contribution to SDG. Today, we’ve outlined 16 interesting things to do at work as  part of your contribution to SDG in Nigeria.

  1. If you have a fruit, food or snack that you don’t want, don’t throw it out. Give it away to someone who needs and is asking for help.
  2. Does everyone at work have access to healthcare? Find out what your rights are to work. Fight against inequality.
  3. Mentor young people. It’s a thoughtful, inspiring and a powerful way to guide someone towards a better future.
  4. Women earn 10 to 30 per cent less than men for the same work. Pay inequality persists everywhere. Voice your support for equal pay for equal work.
  5. 4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services. Lend your voice to talk about the lack of toilets in many communities around the world!
  6. Make sure your company uses energy efficient heating and cooling technology.
  7. Does your company invest in clean and resilient infrastructure? It is the only way to keep workers safe and protect the environment.
  8. Raise your voice against any type of discrimination in your office. Everyone is equal regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, social background and physical abilities.
  9. Bike, walk or take public transport to work. Save the car trips for when you’ve got a big group.
  10. Organize a ‘SDG Week’ work. Learn to live more sustainably for at least a week.
  11. Speak up! Ask your company to engage in initiatives that will not harm people or the planet.
  12. Examine and change everyday decisions. Can you recycle at your workplace? Is your company buying from merchants engaging in harmful ecological practices?
  13. Know your rights at work. In order to access justice, knowing what you are entitled to will go a long way.
  14. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) counts! Encourage your company to find ways to help local communities achieve the goals.

Major content source – https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/takeaction/





What is your contribution towards Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria? We would like to hear from you. You can also reach us via email – contribution@developnaija.com.