I Drink Fuel

I drink fuel as water

Did you just ask how?

When our source of water

Is been polluted by crude oil

Leaving us with little or no source of clean water

And you still ask me how?

The saddening thing is that

This crude oil that has caused pollution

Is intentionally scarce during festive periods

Exported to be refined

Then imported and sold costly

Not forgetting the premature deaths, stroke, heart,

And lung diseases it has caused

While other countries are discovering and exploiting

Better, cleaner and affordable energies

Made from Wind, Solar, Thermal, Hydro, Waste and lots more

We still hear news about how NUPENG threatens to go on strike

Even the availability of clean energy in Nigeria

Cost more than a middle-income earner’s salary

The time to exploit clean and affordable energy sources is NOW

The time to begin the achievement of SDG7 is NOW

If we don’t act NOW,

While other countries are celebrating another

Green Environment Anniversary

We will be celebrating another

“Black Out” Anniversary


SDG 7:  Affordable and Clean Energy – Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

This goal is about making sure everyone has access to green energy.



By 2030, we aim to:

  • Ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services.
  • Increase substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.
  • Double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency.

Source – citiscope.org

It is time for us all to contribute individually and collectively to make this happen. Sole dependence on the government cannot make us achieve these targets.

If you have decided to do something SUSTAINABLE but don’t know how to go about it;

If you are already contributing to Sustainable Development in Nigeria;

If you know someone who is capable of contributing to Sustainable Development in Nigeria;

If you have suggestions on how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals or how one can contribute to the goals;

PLEASE, do that in the comment section or email – contribution@developnaija.com


Nigerians Are Consuming Faeces Unknowingly


Hey, I am Justin. I’m just a foreign tourist from a First World Country visiting Nigeria. I’ve been to quite a number of states in Nigeria. Nigeria is a “whole meal” I must confess – beautiful people, amazing culture, exquisite delicacies, relentless attitude and wonderful histories.

Today isn’t about my tourist experience. It’s about the fact that Nigerians are consuming faeces unknowingly – poor toilet hygiene, bad sanitation habits, and unclean water.  Many areas in Nigeria lack access to clean water due to oil pollution and lack of provision of social amenities. I have seen videos of people washing fruits and vegetables with dirty algae infected water. The highbrow areas are not left out.  In the 4-star hotel I stayed for some days,  the water stinks of a combination of dead animals, and the caramel colour of the water is one I won’t forget in a hurry.  I realise the rich are also suffering and smiling and if they have their way, they will import water.  

I don’t even want to dwell on the poor sanitation habits adopted by citizens. I got to know that in almost all the states, a day is set aside for environmental sanitation but it is disheartening that people will opt to use that period for rest than indulge in cleaning. And oh yes, a lot of people break the sanitation curfew rules but you can’t blame them because those who set these laws are even the chief culprit.

Some Nigerians lack toilet access. Even areas that have public toilet lack basic maintenance culture. I am yet to see a public toilet that is averagely clean. Even the famous Muritala Mohammed Airport is not left out. This leaves me to wonder what exactly the causes of this unwholesome lifestyle.

You all need to stop indiscriminate dumping of refuse; Stop throwing your refuse in gutters; Develop a healthy maintenance culture; Use public property decently; and most importantly, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET!

The average Nigerian focuses on survival. But do you know that if you don’t take action to protect your water and environment, you all will continue struggling to survive yet dying gradually at the same time? What you give to your environment is what it will give back to you. Garbage in, Garbage out! Dear Nigerians, you need to leave the environment safe for generations to come.




Of recent, I noticed that online protest speed up things. Use your social media platforms to request for the provision of the basic social amenities from your government! Fight for your damn rights!

Everyone is affected, directly or indirectly! We are in 2019 and we have about 10 years to achieve the vision 2030. It is right about time to swing into action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

What is/are your contribution(s) towards Sustainable Development (Goals) in Nigeria? We would love to publish your good works for free. Comment below or send an email to – contribution@developnaija.com


Which do You Prefer? A Female Boss or a Male Boss?

“God Forbid will I ever work under a female boss”, Philip blurted with disgust written all over his face.

“And what is wrong about it?” I quizzed.

“You, check am na. How man go dey work under woman? Na so God create am?” He vented in pidgin.

“Err….Philip. You haven’t answered my question. What exactly is wrong with a man working under a female boss?” I asked, already irritated at his rants.

I searched his face for an answer but there was none. Neither did he give a coherent reply.

“Okay. As a man, if Aisha Buhari appointed you as her personal assistant, will you accept?”

“It is only a foolish man that will reject such lucrative appointment.” He said with so much alacrity.

Dear Men,

  • If you believe in development yet discriminate or not give your support for women leaders, you need to re-examine your mindset.

Dear Women,

  • Never see yourself incapable of occupying certain positions dominated by men.
  • As a leader, stop expecting preferential treatment simply because you are a woman. A leader should be able to deliver regardless of gender.
  • Being a leader shouldn’t be an avenue to disrespect and berate men (and also women) who are your subordinate. That is Abuse of Power.

Some women tend to perform better than their male counterpart if given the same opportunity. Yet, the preferentiality of a male leader to a female leader is still prevalent in our society simply because of the difference in sex organs.

Some men (and even women) will prefer to work under a woman solely for selfish purposes not necessarily for the organisation’s growth or for national development.


If we truly need to grow and develop rapidly as a nation, we need to see the male and female gender as equal. Both genders need the respect and co-operation of the other.

Let’s debate. Share your thought. Do you prefer a Female of a Male Boss/Leader? And Why?

What is/are your contribution(s) towards Sustainable Development (Goals) in Nigeria? We would love to publish your good works for free. Comment below or send an email to – contribution@developnaija.com


EDUCATION – The New Illiteracy

By Jennifer Ikeokwu


Often, new institutions are approved 

Yet, quality of existing institutions are ignored

Government schools are repulsive

Yet, billions are budgeted yearly to curb this menace

Then what is the money spent on?

Seems fewer quality schools equals more money to loot

Shush! If you criticise too much, they might come for you.



Lots of educated and exposed political leaders

But darkness still remains the only constant power supply

Fixing of bad roads remains a major yardstick

To determine if the government is working

Politicians go, politicians come

Underdevelopment still remains, sigh!




You claim to be educated, right?

But you throw dirt indiscriminately on the road

You ignore using the seat belt

You empty your garbage when it rains so water fit carry am go

Or maybe, the above isn’t part of education.




My bad!

People wrongly pronounce the fork as ‘fek’ instead of ‘fork’

Why? Maybe ‘fork’ just sounds filthy and vulgar

Same way our education system is filthy and needs cleansing.

But who will cleanse it?

When will it be cleansed?

How will it be cleansed?

Any Answer?


Quality Education goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. – Nelson Mandela


What is/are your contribution(s) towards Sustainable Development (Goals) in Nigeria? We would love to publish your good works for free. Comment below or send an email to – contribution@developnaija.com


What Does POVERTY Mean To You?

Poverty Jokes

Do you know of any successful Nigerian Comedian that was born with a silver or golden spoon? As for me, I can’t think of any. But if you know of any, kindly inform me. Anyways, today isn’t necessarily doing a background check on Comedians, let’s leave that for the FBI, CIA, MI7, MI20 etc.

Interest of today:  Do you realise that poverty jokes by Nigerian comedians are hilarious? To an extent that a dry comedian can tell all sorts of joke and you won’t laugh but when he/she begins to tell poverty jokes based on his/her experience, if you no laugh, no say you be winch.

But in reality, we all know that to experience poverty no funny at all. Somehow, I just believe we laugh at these jokes because a lot of Nigerians have passed through poverty. Unfortunately, over 50% of Nigerians (I no say e pass but let’s leave it that way) never get the financial and economical leg to waka pass poverty.  Now you know why  Olamide’s ‘Poverty Die’ is a hit.

Anytime I listen to Burna Boy’s ‘YE’ I always sing this part of the chorus loudest to encourage myself  to fight poverty. “I no wan Kpai, I no wan die, I want chop life, I wan buy motor, I wan build house, I still wan turn up”.

Now, the issue be say, how we fit comot poverty for Nigeria? We may not totally eradicate poverty but at least, let the poverty index reduce to the barest minimum.

What strategic measures can we implement as an individual, government or organisation so that youths will stop having the deluded mindset of doing rituals or stealing pants to buy benz or get rich quick?

 Please, your opinion is needed. Let’s discuss.

Hey guys, it feels good to resume in 2019. Hopefully, this year will be more pleasurable than last year. Wishing everyone a Happy Developed 2019. We earnestly expect sustainable change and development.


Innovative: Meet the guy who turns waste to fuel in Nigeria

Okay, for a start, I am envious about this young man. How can one be more passionate than I am in reducing environmental hazards and creating an eco-friendly environment in Nigeria? *rolls eyes*

Ladies and Gentlemen… meet 24 years old Emeka Nelson Ugwueze.  A graduate of Instrumentation and Control System Engineering at the Metallurgical Training Institute in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Emeka has impressive and enviable inventions/innovations that do a lot to make life easier and healthier, and most importantly, drastically reduces environmental hazards.

Below are his inventions/innovations:


  • A Waste-to-Wealth Machine – The Mgbanwe C12 and Mgbanwe C13:

The waste-to-wealth machine (Mgbanwe C12 and Mgbanwe C13)  turns non-biodegradable wastes or solid hydrocarbon-related material wastes like plastic, nylon, waterproof etc into oil (gasoline) and paraffin; and when processed further, yields petrol, kerosene, diesel and some other heavy oils. Each machine does all these without any form of chemical additives.

The residual slugs or liquid waste generated after the whole process is converted into good quality interlocking stones.

Mgbanwe C12 is the first ever prototype design and it has the capacity of producing 1 to 3 litres of gasoline from about 1 kg of waste at a go and can produce more with continuous feeds. The C13 is a larger, more improved design of the C12 and it has the capacity of producing at least 400 litres of gasoline at a single feed. It can run continuously and it has the capacity to produce a higher number of interlocking stones.

For more details about this innovation, kindly visit the following links

Mgbanwe C12: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=6CiA0rTr0DY&t=305s

Mgbanwe C13: https://youtu.be/PG8jz69xF-4

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=6l8u_6qHDXs&index=3&list= PLBA495EBFF85D369B


  • A Portable Hydro-electric Generator – The Akpaike:

Akpaike means, “power box” in his local Igbo dialect. It is a portable electricity generator that does not have any form of combustion engine but is powered by internally moving water. The water creates a mechanical energy that powers the machine and this produces electricity. The power rating is 610Watts, 220Volts, 50Hz. This is his first prototype design and he is currently working on a larger capacity design.

For more details about this innovation, kindly visit the following links

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=3MRMAms8wUc&t=145s





  • Watching Eyes Security Device:

The Watching Eyes security device is an advanced modern security device/setup that is equipped with the most advanced security technologies. He developed it during the heat of the Boko Haram terrorist challenge in Nigeria to help our security agencies tackle the menace of terrorism. However, he has not had the opportunity to present it to the authorities that need it. Some authorities that he approached claimed they cannot handle the technology.




  • The CU Farmer Machine:

The CU Farmer Machine is a machine that is employed in the farm to do clearing work before cultivation. It can be used for clearing a field or a garden, like a lawnmower.

However, unlike a lawnmower, it packs the wastes into a chamber where they are converted into Biogas, CO2 gas and organic fertilizer.




  • Safety Shield Robot:

The Safety Shield Robot is equipped with powerful crawler legs powered by two separate dc motors with gears which make it possible for the machine to climb stairs and go through rough, rigid, slippery surfaces – all manner of surfaces one can ever imagine without any obstruction. It is also equipped with powerful two jointed arms and a grab powered by hyper-powerful dc geared motors which are not just used to pick or destroy targets but also aids the crawler legs in overcoming obstruction and in climbing stairs. The sleek metallic body shape or design makes it possible for the machine to escape any danger and contributes to the free movement of the machine. It is also equipped with a centre rotor powered by a powerful dc geared motor which makes it possible for the machine to rotate 360 degrees on the spot. This feature makes it possible to pick, destroy or drop a target at any point within its range while on the same spot.

For more details about this innovation, kindly visit – https://youtu.be/0Vg9ASVD




  • A Water Treatment and Purification Machine




  • An Electric Excavator:

    This is powered by a 12 or 24 volts battery and it is remote-controlled. It can lift 9 inches block from the floor.


  • An Electric Truck:

    This is powered by 12 volts, 7 amp battery and it is remote-controlled.




  • Drone:

    The unique thing about this drone is that it generates low noise compared to the already existing drone we have.



The advantages of the above innovations are:

  • Eco-friendly. They are powered by clean energy and are meant to fight environmental degradation and pollution.

  • The products make life simpler, less burdensome and more enjoyable. This adds a greater value and a deeper meaning (utility) to the quality of our lives.

  • 100% local content.

  • Very affordable compared to their counterparts.


“I am a firm believer in setting a standard and using my natural gifts to contribute to the betterment of the society in ways similar to what individuals like Henry Ford did yesterday and what Elon Musk is doing today. I am a “values-driven” and a “service-oriented” individual” – Emeka Nelson Ugwueze

These inventions contribute greatly to the realisation of SDG7, SDG8, SDG9 and SDG12.



However, these inventions directly and indirectly contribute to the achievement of all the Sustainable Goals.

These inventions need investors in order to be improved and produced in commercial quantity.  Investing in one or more of these inventions counts as a contribution to Sustainable Development as well as an input in fighting environmental degradation in Nigeria.


For Partnership and investment, kindly reaach out to Emeka Nelson viaa the following:

Email: emekanelsonugwueze@yahoo.com

Facebook: Emeka Nelson

Mobile Contact: +2348063998197



Is Banky W (Bankole Wellington) really Mr Capable?

Ever since Banky W declared his intention to run for a political position, I am amazed to see and hear negative comments like

  • “He’s looking for money to change his Range Rover”
  • “Oh! This one thinks Politics is Entertainment.”
  • “Him music career don back up, him dey look for alternate source of income.”
  • “As EME don die na, the next things na politics.”
  • “Oh! I see. That’s why he became a motivational speaker lately”
  • “No money to maintain Adesuwa again?” (…and they had to bring his wife into it. Gosh!)

How soon people forget the saying – ‘LEAD BY EXAMPLE’.

Isn’t it impressive that one who advocates for good leadership/governance has taken the bold step to be part of the government in order to ensure positive change happens?

Same people who clamour for CHANGE are the same people castigating NEW, MENTALLY SOUND and 21st CENTURY THINKING political candidates. *In Lasisi’s voice – Are are are you mad?*

If you expect CHANGE in Nigeria and have refused to ignore recurrent politicians who have been in power for donkey years but have contributed little or nothing sustainable to Nigeria’s development; just know it’s not CHANGE you desire, maybe it is CHENG.

And hey, please don’t come with the ‘All are the same’ mentality. It is better to try new candidates than recycling old politicians.

The following are things that are bound to happen if Mr Wellington and other NEW, MENTALLY SOUND and 21st CENTURY THINKING political candidates win or get impressive vote counts in this coming election:

  1. Hopes will rise.

  2. The game of politics will gradually begin to change.

  3. God-fatherism will begin to dwindle.

  4. More new, selfless, innovative and mentally sound individuals will become courageous to vie for political positions.

  5. We will get to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Let us all make conscious efforts to make the SDG 16 a reality in Nigeria.

To all the 21st Century Mindset candidates, WE DEY YOUR BACK *For the sake of extremely religious people who will begin to bind, cast and say “God forbid, I shall never be at the back.* Let me say instead – WE SUPPORT YOU!

And errrr…the caption was just to get your attention. *wink*



Reasons Lagos Will Remain King And What Other States Should Do To Dethrone It

I was opportune to do my National Youth Service Corp in Lagos precisely in one of the highbrow areas in Lagos. Then, my conversation or chat with most people goes like this…

“Where are you serving?”

“Lagos” I reply.

“Lucky you, So many opportunities for you.”

“If only other states are developed and offer many career/business opportunities just like Lagos, you would know that there is nothing really ‘lucky’ about working in Lagos.” I tell them.

From my observation and experience, here are the reasons Lagos will remain KING of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT:


  1. Limitless Career and Business opportunities

Have you ever thought of why Mark Zuckerberg visited Lagos to promote technology instead of promoting it in Sokoto; or why Lagos always have the highest number of Youth Corp members yearly? It is because there are less hindrances and more potential opportunities to thrive in the Lagos environment. Lagos is a city where people are given the opportunity and freedom to thrive and develop with little or no political or tribal obstacle.


  1. Minimal Tribal/Indigene interference:

I hardly hear of tribal clash or community interference in one’s business area of operation in Lagos.


  1. Freedom to thrive as a non-indigene:

Lagos is known as ‘No man’s land’. No discrimination! Everyone who can make valuable contribution to the Lagos economy is highly welcomed and appreciated! Just be a good citizen and pay your tax!


  1. Government with futuristic vision

I need not say much. Just Google “Best State Governments in Nigeria” and see if Lagos isn’t among the top! Personally, I am very impressed with the way the Lagos State Response Unit rapidly attend to emergency situations all anywhere in the state.

Any state that wants to dethrone Lagos as KING of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT should do the following:

  1. STOP all forms of tribal discrimination as well as political and community interference in one’s business area of operation.
  2. Give non-indigenes same equal opportunity as indigenes.
  3. The Government should attract investor with favourable and juicy conditions
  4. Elect people who are competent leaders and are capable of pushing for economic growth and development all over the state.
  5. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, make conscious effort to contribute to the economic development of your state by opening a business site in your state, if possible, make your state the headquarters of your business.


The beautiful thing about dethroning Lagos is that, Lagos will become depopulated because same opportunities in Lagos will become present in other states


Develop Naija commends Innoson Motor Boss – Innocent Chukwuma and  popular Nollywood actor – Jim Iyke for overlooking the opportunities in Lagos to set up their businesses in the South-East which has and will continue to create several career/ business opportunities for residents in the region.

To all those who have decided to focus on economically improving other states and create job opportunities for residents by setting up their businesses there, Develop Naija deeply appreciates your work.


Government and indigenes of various states should make conscious effort to help Nigeria achieve Sustainable Development Goal 8, Goal 9, and Goal 11.



What is/are your contribution(s) towards Sustainable Development (Goals) in Nigeria? We would love to publish your good works for free. Comment below or send an email to – contribution@developnaija.com



Six Reasons Nigerians Should Stop Killing Wildlife

Few days ago, I read about a Nigerian lady who bought a turtle just because she wanted to return it to the sea and prevent the turtle from being killed. This lady inspired me to write this article. I wish we all can be like this lady who sees the importance of wildlife. Here are reasons Nigerians should stop killing wildlife.

  1. Wildlife creates a healthy ecosystem:

Plants and animals contribute to a healthy ecosystem.  Loss of wildlife results to imbalance of the ecosystem. According to some contributors on Quora, Wildlife work together to create a biosphere and healthy ecosystem that helps to sustain life. The Ecosystem provides us with clean water, food and shelter. When a particular wildlife is gone, it affects the food chain which directly or indirectly affects the food web thus destroying the ecosystem.

  1. Animals improve Human Psychology:

Do you know that spending time with animals improves your mental state; clears your head from negativity; boost happiness; serves as a great and real companion especially for lonely people; fights depression and improves positivity? Indeed, nature is a blessing to human; think twice before killing that animal. I haven’t seen or heard anyone that went to a wildlife centre or zoo and returned unhappy. You also tend to derive a higher level of happiness when you are care for wildlife.

  1. There will be more fertile Farmlands:

A healthy ecosystem enriches the fertility of our lands for better farming practices; thereby making farmers have better farming experience and reap rich harvest.

  1. Wildlife is very useful for Research and Medicinal Purpose:

U.S Fish and Wildlife Service states that 25% of the medicinal prescriptions given every year contain chemicals from animals. Who knows if that specie of chimpanzee or marine mammal that just got killed is where the antidote for HIV or cancer is meant to emanate from.

  1. Jobs will increase:

If Nigeria decides to take Wildlife conservation seriously, there will be a great increase in jobs that deal with the protection, conservation and management of wildlife.

  1. More revenue from Tourist attraction:

Obviously, conserving our wild animals and creating functional wildlife centres will attract tourists from all over the world and this will definitely generate ­­very large revenue for Nigeria.


Every day, we hear about people killing wild animals in Nigeria. If asked their reason, you will hear “When there is hunger, what do you expect us to eat?”  I implore every Nigerian to vote responsible and foresighted political aspirants who know the importance of Wildlife and will help Nigeria achieve SDG 14 – Life below Water and SDG 15 – Life on Land. However, achieving these goals will become very possible when we are able to tackle Poverty and Hunger in Nigeria.

More so, people who are guilty of killing wild animal may not see this write-up, therefore, when we come across such people, it is our duty to enlighten them about the usefulness of wildlife as well as discourage them from harming wildlife.


What is/are your contribution(s) towards Sustainable Development (Goals) in Nigeria? We would love to publish your good works for free. Comment below or send an email to – contribution@developnaija.com


6 Ignorant Things Nigerians Do That Hinders Development In Nigeria

There are lot of factors that impedes Sustainable Development in Nigeria but today’s focus is on ignorant things Nigerians do that hinders development in Nigeria.


1.      Entitlement Mentality

A good number of Nigerians feel entitled to certain things without working hard for them. It is amusing when trying to develop a community buying setting up a business venture or developing properties, you still get to settle youths and some groups in the community simply because they are INDIGENES and you have to pay homage to them. Likewise some fans who beg celebrities for money and other goodies; when they (fans) don’t get the desired attention, they resort to insults and curses. How can we grow as a nation when people are not willing to work hard but are ready to interrupt other’s progress?


2.      Voting Leaders Due To Petty Reasons:

“Awwn! He comes from a humble background.” “Let’s vote her, she is the first woman to ever contest for this position.” “He schooled in Harvard.” “This man is from my community”. “Let’s vote him, it is high time we had an Igbo President.” “He is the youngest candidate” “The man is so cute”. Aspiring leaders should be voted based on their Strong and Impactful Leadership Profile; their Positive Impact on the Common Man; and their contribution to Sustainable Development/Humanity in Nigeria.


3.      Contributing To Underdevelopment:

I know the government have much influence in Nigeria’s development but citizens also have a role to play. Example – We complain of flood, but it is citizens who block drainages with dirts thrown indiscriminately on the streets. Government don’t want to provide jobs but you are reluctant to develop yourself with the right skills to become a ‘hot cake’ in the labour market.


4.      Violating Rules And Regulations:

Most Nigerians find it difficult to obey rules and regulations except when a heavy penalty is attached to it. If we find it hard to obey simple traffic rules, how then do you think Nigeria can achieve that desired growth when her citizens can’t even follow simple order without a penalty attached to it?


5.      Attaching RELIGION To Everything:

It is saddening to hear that we have more religious centres than industries in Nigeria. Many shout ‘AMEN’ to prophetic declaration without working for such prophecies to come to pass. We have become extremist of our religion, thus, preventing our brains to work and allowing our religious sentiments to inform our decisions. God has a reason He gave man a brain. If we keep praying without working, we’ll keep on complaining and development in Nigeria will continually regress.


6.      Converting Serious Issues To Jokes:

I know jokes are good to lighten up a sad/negative mood but too much of everything is bad. It’s high time we reduced the rate we create jokes/memes about sensitive issues and corrupt practices on social media. Let us take advantage of social media in exposing and condemning silly acts of the government as well as advocating for economic growth and better living condition. The way we react to sensitive issues in Nigeria determines and influences the way our leaders rule us.


If we fail to heed to the aforementioned points, development in Nigeria will continue to be in regress mode.

What is/are your contribution(s) towards Sustainable Development (Goals) in Nigeria? We would love to publish your good works for free. Comment below or send an email to – contribution@developnaija.com