Which do You Prefer? A Female Boss or a Male Boss?

“God Forbid will I ever work under a female boss”, Philip blurted with disgust written all over his face.

“And what is wrong about it?” I quizzed.

“You, check am na. How man go dey work under woman? Na so God create am?” He vented in pidgin.

“Err….Philip. You haven’t answered my question. What exactly is wrong with a man working under a female boss?” I asked, already irritated at his rants.

I searched his face for an answer but there was none. Neither did he give a coherent reply.

“Okay. As a man, if Aisha Buhari appointed you as her personal assistant, will you accept?”

“It is only a foolish man that will reject such lucrative appointment.” He said with so much alacrity.

Dear Men,

  • If you believe in development yet discriminate or not give your support for women leaders, you need to re-examine your mindset.

Dear Women,

  • Never see yourself incapable of occupying certain positions dominated by men.
  • As a leader, stop expecting preferential treatment simply because you are a woman. A leader should be able to deliver regardless of gender.
  • Being a leader shouldn’t be an avenue to disrespect and berate men (and also women) who are your subordinate. That is Abuse of Power.

Some women tend to perform better than their male counterpart if given the same opportunity. Yet, the preferentiality of a male leader to a female leader is still prevalent in our society simply because of the difference in sex organs.

Some men (and even women) will prefer to work under a woman solely for selfish purposes not necessarily for the organisation’s growth or for national development.


If we truly need to grow and develop rapidly as a nation, we need to see the male and female gender as equal. Both genders need the respect and co-operation of the other.

Let’s debate. Share your thought. Do you prefer a Female of a Male Boss/Leader? And Why?

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EDUCATION – The New Illiteracy

By Jennifer Ikeokwu


Often, new institutions are approved 

Yet, quality of existing institutions are ignored

Government schools are repulsive

Yet, billions are budgeted yearly to curb this menace

Then what is the money spent on?

Seems fewer quality schools equals more money to loot

Shush! If you criticise too much, they might come for you.



Lots of educated and exposed political leaders

But darkness still remains the only constant power supply

Fixing of bad roads remains a major yardstick

To determine if the government is working

Politicians go, politicians come

Underdevelopment still remains, sigh!




You claim to be educated, right?

But you throw dirt indiscriminately on the road

You ignore using the seat belt

You empty your garbage when it rains so water fit carry am go

Or maybe, the above isn’t part of education.




My bad!

People wrongly pronounce the fork as ‘fek’ instead of ‘fork’

Why? Maybe ‘fork’ just sounds filthy and vulgar

Same way our education system is filthy and needs cleansing.

But who will cleanse it?

When will it be cleansed?

How will it be cleansed?

Any Answer?


Quality Education goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. – Nelson Mandela


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BLEEP YOU, HUNGER! – Jennifer Ikeokwu

So much hunger

That makes me yearn for yonder

To abide with my maker

The struggle seems forever

We earn little to buy bread and butter

Yet, unfairly treated by some employers


So much hunger

We struggle and drag for less than two dollars

Given by political party members

Under the rain and sunny weather

Just to vote leaders

That lack interest in eradicating Hunger


So much hunger

It’s high time our eyes got clearer

Our brains and minds become sharper

To end the hatred for each other

And to know that for a better Nigeria,

We must join hands together

To achieve Zero Hunger


Written By – Jennifer Ikeokwu



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What Does POVERTY Mean To You?

Poverty Jokes

Do you know of any successful Nigerian Comedian that was born with a silver or golden spoon? As for me, I can’t think of any. But if you know of any, kindly inform me. Anyways, today isn’t necessarily doing a background check on Comedians, let’s leave that for the FBI, CIA, MI7, MI20 etc.

Interest of today:  Do you realise that poverty jokes by Nigerian comedians are hilarious? To an extent that a dry comedian can tell all sorts of joke and you won’t laugh but when he/she begins to tell poverty jokes based on his/her experience, if you no laugh, no say you be winch.

But in reality, we all know that to experience poverty no funny at all. Somehow, I just believe we laugh at these jokes because a lot of Nigerians have passed through poverty. Unfortunately, over 50% of Nigerians (I no say e pass but let’s leave it that way) never get the financial and economical leg to waka pass poverty.  Now you know why  Olamide’s ‘Poverty Die’ is a hit.

Anytime I listen to Burna Boy’s ‘YE’ I always sing this part of the chorus loudest to encourage myself  to fight poverty. “I no wan Kpai, I no wan die, I want chop life, I wan buy motor, I wan build house, I still wan turn up”.

Now, the issue be say, how we fit comot poverty for Nigeria? We may not totally eradicate poverty but at least, let the poverty index reduce to the barest minimum.

What strategic measures can we implement as an individual, government or organisation so that youths will stop having the deluded mindset of doing rituals or stealing pants to buy benz or get rich quick?

 Please, your opinion is needed. Let’s discuss.

Hey guys, it feels good to resume in 2019. Hopefully, this year will be more pleasurable than last year. Wishing everyone a Happy Developed 2019. We earnestly expect sustainable change and development.


WID-Africa Opens Library for Displaced Children in Abuja

WholeLife Initiative for Development in Africa (WID-Africa), a youth-led Non-Governmental Organization aimed at promoting Quality Education in Nigeria, has made a giant move by opening a library for displaced children in Abuja.

This library is located at Camp David, the permanent resident of the ‘School without Walls’ (An initiative by Life Builders Initiative involved with providing free formal education for displaced/disadvantaged children in Abuja).


Opening of Library


Aside from opening a library for underprivileged children, WID-Africa has undertaken various projects geared toward the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4 and other Development Goals. These projects are:

  • The Empowerment Through Education Project

This project involves revamping libraries in schools and communities in the rural and suburban parts of FCT-Abuja. Soonest, this project will be extended to other parts of Nigeria.

This project which has been designed to run for 5 (five) years, is a response to the high level of illiteracy in these areas and also the lack of access to quality educational materials by disadvantaged/displaced children.

So far, this project has benefitted two schools in two communities serving over 3000 (three thousand) children from about 500 families. A donation of 1,315 (one thousand, three hundred and fifteen) books have also been made to these libraries.

“I am impressed at this initiative. It has renewed the old-time educational institution we are used to. Children can now have time to come to the library and read a book a day. This will help children understand how important reading is” –  Mrs Amarachi Nwanguma (Presenter, Voice of Nigeria)

“I am so excited and grateful to WholeLife Initiative for Development in Africa for furnishing/revamping my school library. WID-AFRICA has publicised my school. Many thanks” – Mr Peter Olatunbosun (Principal, Calvary Love Academy).






  • World Savings Day:

A day set aside in the month of October to organise an interactive education/sensitization session for children and youths on financial planning, investment and the importance of imbibing the savings culture from childhood.




  • The WID-Africa Money Club:

WID-Africa is involved in creating money clubs in secondary schools basically to enlighten students on financial literacy through fun games like monopoly and puzzles. The club also equips students with soft skills such as communication, teamwork, organisational skills etc.





  • Sexual Abuse Enlightenment:

WID-Africa also creates awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights to primary and secondary school children. This is aimed at confronting societal stereotypes and discrimination on matters like early puberty, menstruation as well as speaking out against sexual abuse.



  • Vocational Skills Training:

By 2019, WID-Africa tends to organise a vocational skills training session to equip youths resident in the suburban areas of FCT-Abuja. The aim of this project is to reduce unemployment by equipping the youths with skills that will make them financially independent thereby contributing to economic growth and development.


Aside from contributing immeasurably to SDG4 – Quality Education,  Develop Naija commends WID-Africa for their contribution to SDG1 – No Poverty; SDG2 – Good Health and Well-being; SDG5 – Gender Equality; SDG8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth; and SDG17 – Partnership for the Goals.


For partnership and collaboration, kindly reach out to WID-Africa via the following:

Email: wholelifeid@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WLinitiative

Twitter: www.twitter.com/wholelife_ID

Instagram: www.instagram.com/wholelifeinitiative

Mobile Numbers: +2348140859269; +2347064590536


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Innovative: Meet the guy who turns waste to fuel in Nigeria

Okay, for a start, I am envious about this young man. How can one be more passionate than I am in reducing environmental hazards and creating an eco-friendly environment in Nigeria? *rolls eyes*

Ladies and Gentlemen… meet 24 years old Emeka Nelson Ugwueze.  A graduate of Instrumentation and Control System Engineering at the Metallurgical Training Institute in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Emeka has impressive and enviable inventions/innovations that do a lot to make life easier and healthier, and most importantly, drastically reduces environmental hazards.

Below are his inventions/innovations:


  • A Waste-to-Wealth Machine – The Mgbanwe C12 and Mgbanwe C13:

The waste-to-wealth machine (Mgbanwe C12 and Mgbanwe C13)  turns non-biodegradable wastes or solid hydrocarbon-related material wastes like plastic, nylon, waterproof etc into oil (gasoline) and paraffin; and when processed further, yields petrol, kerosene, diesel and some other heavy oils. Each machine does all these without any form of chemical additives.

The residual slugs or liquid waste generated after the whole process is converted into good quality interlocking stones.

Mgbanwe C12 is the first ever prototype design and it has the capacity of producing 1 to 3 litres of gasoline from about 1 kg of waste at a go and can produce more with continuous feeds. The C13 is a larger, more improved design of the C12 and it has the capacity of producing at least 400 litres of gasoline at a single feed. It can run continuously and it has the capacity to produce a higher number of interlocking stones.

For more details about this innovation, kindly visit the following links

Mgbanwe C12: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=6CiA0rTr0DY&t=305s

Mgbanwe C13: https://youtu.be/PG8jz69xF-4

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=6l8u_6qHDXs&index=3&list= PLBA495EBFF85D369B


  • A Portable Hydro-electric Generator – The Akpaike:

Akpaike means, “power box” in his local Igbo dialect. It is a portable electricity generator that does not have any form of combustion engine but is powered by internally moving water. The water creates a mechanical energy that powers the machine and this produces electricity. The power rating is 610Watts, 220Volts, 50Hz. This is his first prototype design and he is currently working on a larger capacity design.

For more details about this innovation, kindly visit the following links

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=3MRMAms8wUc&t=145s





  • Watching Eyes Security Device:

The Watching Eyes security device is an advanced modern security device/setup that is equipped with the most advanced security technologies. He developed it during the heat of the Boko Haram terrorist challenge in Nigeria to help our security agencies tackle the menace of terrorism. However, he has not had the opportunity to present it to the authorities that need it. Some authorities that he approached claimed they cannot handle the technology.




  • The CU Farmer Machine:

The CU Farmer Machine is a machine that is employed in the farm to do clearing work before cultivation. It can be used for clearing a field or a garden, like a lawnmower.

However, unlike a lawnmower, it packs the wastes into a chamber where they are converted into Biogas, CO2 gas and organic fertilizer.




  • Safety Shield Robot:

The Safety Shield Robot is equipped with powerful crawler legs powered by two separate dc motors with gears which make it possible for the machine to climb stairs and go through rough, rigid, slippery surfaces – all manner of surfaces one can ever imagine without any obstruction. It is also equipped with powerful two jointed arms and a grab powered by hyper-powerful dc geared motors which are not just used to pick or destroy targets but also aids the crawler legs in overcoming obstruction and in climbing stairs. The sleek metallic body shape or design makes it possible for the machine to escape any danger and contributes to the free movement of the machine. It is also equipped with a centre rotor powered by a powerful dc geared motor which makes it possible for the machine to rotate 360 degrees on the spot. This feature makes it possible to pick, destroy or drop a target at any point within its range while on the same spot.

For more details about this innovation, kindly visit – https://youtu.be/0Vg9ASVD




  • A Water Treatment and Purification Machine




  • An Electric Excavator:

    This is powered by a 12 or 24 volts battery and it is remote-controlled. It can lift 9 inches block from the floor.


  • An Electric Truck:

    This is powered by 12 volts, 7 amp battery and it is remote-controlled.




  • Drone:

    The unique thing about this drone is that it generates low noise compared to the already existing drone we have.



The advantages of the above innovations are:

  • Eco-friendly. They are powered by clean energy and are meant to fight environmental degradation and pollution.

  • The products make life simpler, less burdensome and more enjoyable. This adds a greater value and a deeper meaning (utility) to the quality of our lives.

  • 100% local content.

  • Very affordable compared to their counterparts.


“I am a firm believer in setting a standard and using my natural gifts to contribute to the betterment of the society in ways similar to what individuals like Henry Ford did yesterday and what Elon Musk is doing today. I am a “values-driven” and a “service-oriented” individual” – Emeka Nelson Ugwueze

These inventions contribute greatly to the realisation of SDG7, SDG8, SDG9 and SDG12.



However, these inventions directly and indirectly contribute to the achievement of all the Sustainable Goals.

These inventions need investors in order to be improved and produced in commercial quantity.  Investing in one or more of these inventions counts as a contribution to Sustainable Development as well as an input in fighting environmental degradation in Nigeria.


For Partnership and investment, kindly reaach out to Emeka Nelson viaa the following:

Email: emekanelsonugwueze@yahoo.com

Facebook: Emeka Nelson

Mobile Contact: +2348063998197



Acalypha Initiative Sponsors Destitute Children in Benue State

The Acalypha Initiative has ensured to sponsor destitute children who lack good health and education in Buruku area of Benue State.

As part of their contribution to SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being and SDG 4 – Quality Education in Nigeria, Acalypha Initiative has embarked on various campaigns such as:

  • Sponsor-A-Child Campaign: The sponsorship of 8 vulnerable children back to school.


  • Oral Health Campaign: A partnership with Fun Living Foundation in the education of Oral Health and distribution of toothpaste and toothbrushes.




  • Menstrual Hygiene Campaign: A partnership with Empire foundation in the distribution of menstrual pads to students.

  • Kit-Up-A-Child Campaign: The provision of School Uniforms and Educational materials to over 250 students.





The Acalypha Initiative aims to see a society where all children regardless of their background or challenges have access to quality education. The Initiative hopes to extend this gesture to other areas of Nigeria.

Develop Naija appreciates Acalypha Initiative for their effort in the contribution of Sustainable Development in Nigeria.

For sponsorship and partnership, kindly reach out to Acalypha Initiative via the following:

Instagram: @acalyphainitiative

Twitter: @Acalypha_Ini

Facebook: Acalypha_Initiative

Phone Numbers: +2348147258808; +2348152979124


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Is Banky W (Bankole Wellington) really Mr Capable?

Ever since Banky W declared his intention to run for a political position, I am amazed to see and hear negative comments like

  • “He’s looking for money to change his Range Rover”
  • “Oh! This one thinks Politics is Entertainment.”
  • “Him music career don back up, him dey look for alternate source of income.”
  • “As EME don die na, the next things na politics.”
  • “Oh! I see. That’s why he became a motivational speaker lately”
  • “No money to maintain Adesuwa again?” (…and they had to bring his wife into it. Gosh!)

How soon people forget the saying – ‘LEAD BY EXAMPLE’.

Isn’t it impressive that one who advocates for good leadership/governance has taken the bold step to be part of the government in order to ensure positive change happens?

Same people who clamour for CHANGE are the same people castigating NEW, MENTALLY SOUND and 21st CENTURY THINKING political candidates. *In Lasisi’s voice – Are are are you mad?*

If you expect CHANGE in Nigeria and have refused to ignore recurrent politicians who have been in power for donkey years but have contributed little or nothing sustainable to Nigeria’s development; just know it’s not CHANGE you desire, maybe it is CHENG.

And hey, please don’t come with the ‘All are the same’ mentality. It is better to try new candidates than recycling old politicians.

The following are things that are bound to happen if Mr Wellington and other NEW, MENTALLY SOUND and 21st CENTURY THINKING political candidates win or get impressive vote counts in this coming election:

  1. Hopes will rise.

  2. The game of politics will gradually begin to change.

  3. God-fatherism will begin to dwindle.

  4. More new, selfless, innovative and mentally sound individuals will become courageous to vie for political positions.

  5. We will get to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Let us all make conscious efforts to make the SDG 16 a reality in Nigeria.

To all the 21st Century Mindset candidates, WE DEY YOUR BACK *For the sake of extremely religious people who will begin to bind, cast and say “God forbid, I shall never be at the back.* Let me say instead – WE SUPPORT YOU!

And errrr…the caption was just to get your attention. *wink*



Social Impact Africa Vows to Educate Underprivileged Children all over Nigeria

Social Impact Africa (SIA) is a  non-profit organization that aims at providing quality education and growth opportunities for underprivileged children and youths all over Nigeria.

At the moment, Social Impact Africa currently focuses on educating, empowering and engaging disadvantaged children and youths with digital, technical, vocational and 21st-century life skills in Ibadan, Oyo state.

Through her flagship program known as Redefining African Child Education (RACE) Initiative, Social Impact Africa has provided access to quality education and growth opportunities through fostering educational resource mobilization, life skills development and excellent academic performance needed to spur transformative leadership among disadvantaged children within the ages of 5-16 years.




With the right collaboration, Social Impact Africa plans to build 774 digital civic innovation spaces within Nigeria’s 774 local government areas that will host the following for disadvantaged children in Nigeria:

• Enterprise Challenges
• Summer Innovation Boot-Camp
• Capacity-Building Workshop
• Academic Supports
• Digital Skills Training
• Vocational/Technical Training
• Idea Hackathon,
• Thought Leadership Conference
• Use of Mobile And Web-Based Application to teach practical Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts And Mathematics) Educational Skills.

Social Impact Africa claims to have over four(4) years of proven history of increasing the participation of the youth in civic leadership, entrepreneurship and 21st-century skills among disadvantaged children and youths within Ibadan Oyo State.

For the records, Social Impact Africa has empowered more than 3,500 secondary school students and youths in preparing them for leadership, employment, and entrepreneurship; through mentorship, conference, capacity-building workshops, innovation boot-camp, educational resource mobilization and academic support.

In 2016, Social Impact Africa partnered with MTN Foundation Nigeria in “What Can We Do Together” Initiative in the mobilization of 210 units school furniture and donation of 100 units academic textbook for Apete Ayegun Community School, Ibadan, Nigeria, resulting into excellent academic, career and leadership pursuit.


Items Donated By MTN



Develop Naija commends the effort of Social Impact Africa for passionately contributing to Goal 4 – Quality Education and Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth in Nigeria.




For partnership, kindly reach out to Social Impact Africa via the following:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/socialimpactafrica

Whatsapp: +2348160686295

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Apply Now For The ‘Community Engagement For Positive Impact’ Course

  • Do you want to make a positive impact in Nigeria?
  • Are you interested in contributing to the achievements of Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria?
  • Do you desire to be equipped with the skills and knowledge of Community Development?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, then, apply now for the “Community Engagement For Positive Impact” course organised by Springs Health Initiative.

This course aims at equipping youths with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Identify community challenges;

  • Proffer and design Solutions

  • Harness resources to improve the quality of life in our societies as well as contribute to National Development.

Applications began on 24th September and will end 20th October, 2018. This course is totally FREE and participants will be awarded a certificate at the end of the course.

The venue for the course training is in Ilorin, Kwara state. The course is scheduled to hold every Saturday in November, 2018 (3 hours per Saturday). Details of the exact venue and time will be sent to successful applicants after the deadline of registration.

Apply here for FREE. Application ends on 20th October, 2018.

This capacity building course is available as a result of the efforts made by Springs Health Initiative to develop Nigeria youths for National relevance and development.

Develop Naija commends Springs Health Initiative for their relentless effort in contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 17 in Nigeria.


Do not forget to apply for the course here. Application will close on 20th October, 2018. Course is totally FREE.

What is/are your contribution(s) towards Sustainable Development (Goals) in Nigeria? We would love to publish your good works for free. Comment below or send an email to – contribution@developnaija.com